Web Services

Web Services

Art and functionality are the two basic pillars on which effective website designing depends for a unique and amazing website. Our web development and design team work with the motto that every website has to be catchy and up to date so as to be interesting to the target audience and deliver what it promises, an amazing online experience and insight into your business, which will ultimately make your business flourish. We use the best tool sets and skills for professional web development, which will deliver beyond your expectation and challenge our limitations every time. The key factor in making a website successful is the responsiveness of its target audience. So we have honed our skills in responsive website design segment in a way that understands your business needs and your target audience, so that the website we build for you serves the very purpose of drawing the attention of your niche audience. This has made us one of the successful web designing companies in India, which can serve for any business type.

Web Designing

Technext Technosoft is a professional web design company which specializes in website design with cutting edge technology, and is based in Durgapur.
  • All the main features of website designing are covered by our very expert and skilled designing and development team, who are professional to the core. Logo designing is a field that we specialize in, because we understand the importance of logo to a business which is mainly online. The identity and essence of any company are carried by its logo, and is the visual representation of the company, both online and physically.
  • We have happy clients in Canada, Australia and US, to whom we have delivered website designing projects with unique creativity. Having experience in this field which have been gathered from serving clients globally, we can now take on any project and deliver on it successfully. We work according to a client’s requirement and design accordingly so that it meets all the parameters, as well as be pocket friendly. We provide all the attractive features that would surely attract your targeted visitors.

  • Web Development

    We believe that a your website should be such so as to deliver your company’s message across, to existing as well as potential customers in a manner which you want.
  • We have a team of experienced and skilled group of professionals who has the experience of developing and deploying custom programming services. We are the best IT web design and application company, who have satisfied clients in every area from complex web based internet applications to simple content management system enabled website, eCommerce portals, to ERP and also social networking development service.
  • Our expertise lies in developing and designing web applications as per the customers’ requirements. We have with us many years of experience in the field of designing web applications using cutting edge technologies like MySQL, PHP, ASP, Dot NET and much more. We have provided our services to both small and big business houses and till date have maintained business relations with them because of our consistent and valuable customer support services.

  • Web Maintenance & Enhancement:

    To fit the needs of your business, we design our website Enhancement. Our Maintenance plans are there to help your business grow.
  • Businesses who want to update their website but does not have the time to so, can be rest assured. We offer Web maintenance packages at affordable prices, on a regular basis. We make sure to keep your website up to date and interesting with fresh contents, and new promotions, so that the website keeps on drawing maximum attention from your target audience.
  • We monitor Webserver, Web services, Database Server, Third party and Payment gateway services which may affect your website's uptime. We pay special attention yo monitoring & security because we believe that websites need to be periodically monitored to have good performance. To prevent security related issues, regular upgradations of the website softwares and server need to be done.


    What is the role of Organic SEO:
  • Organic SEO is the natural method to make a website rank higher in the search engines. Without using any spamming technique, which might get you faster results, organic SEO makes sure that your website gets more traffic and visitors, which will directly result in business growth. It is a method to make the search engines naturally rank a website higher and hence is known as Search Engine Optimization.
  • It is a common knowledge in todays business world, that search engine optimization is imperative to make a website go higher up in the ranking category. This results directly in more traffic generation, which again results in more conversion and higher revenue for the company or business.


    A unique kind of internet advertising process is known as PPC , the full form of which is Pay Per Click.
  • Pay per click known as (PPC) is an Internet Advertising mode, which is used to direct traffic to websites, where when the ad is clicked the publisher gets paid. In PPC management, advertisements with related content are shown on the websites or search engine results that have agreed to show ads. Actually PPC management refers to the monitoring and maintenance of a Pay-Per-Click campaign or campaigns. This includes many things, such as editing ad copy, changing bid prices, testing campaign components, expanding and refining keyword lists, etc. PPC management is required for cost effectiveness and the successful conversions out of an ad , and also for reviewing performance reports for management and clients, and results to feed in future PPC campaign operations. 82%


    Keyword Research is the most crucial aspect of the Successful search engine optimization and marketing campaign
  • Keyword Research is the most crucial aspect of the Successful search engine marketing and optimization campaign.This is an effective foundation for your online marketing campaign.The keyword should be chosen after analysis and research so it has the maximum effect and helps power your sponsored ad building campaigns, search engine optimization, press releases and more.
  • "Good keywords" are the one thing that helps build up your online presence in the internet business world. If someone is looking for best flower shop in Manhattan, USA, you should know what she or he is likely to type into the search engine. By researching on how people do their searching, you can get the hang of the thing and can be an expert on finding the right keywords.


    Google offers a free premium web analytics service, which is known as Google analytics, mainly there for tracking and reporting the traffic on your website.
  • Google launched Google Analytics in 2005, a free premium web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. On the internet, It is now the most widely used web analytics services. For casual users, Google Analytics' approach is to show high-level, dashboard-type data. With techniques such as funnel visualization, Google Analytics analysis can identify poorly performing pages , how long the visitors stayed and their geographical position , that is where these visitors came from (referrers). It also provides more advanced features, including custom visitor segmentation Web analytics or Google Analytics can also be used as a tool for market research and with this information, you can increase the conversions, improve your return on investments, and make more money on the web.


    If you want your business to gain website traffic or gain attention through social media sites, then you have to take the help of Social Media Marketing.
  • Social media marketing programs usually encourage readers to share it across their social networks like twitter, Facebook, etc. and hence center on efforts to create content that attracts attention.
  • Individual and businesses can interact with one another and build relationships and communities online through Social networking websites. Consumers can interact with them directly when companies join these social channels. This kind of interaction can be more personal to users than traditional methods of advertising and outbound marketing.


    The mechanism of getting external pages to link to a page on your website is known as Link building. Search engine optimization (SEO) uses it as one its many tactics. We are Durgapur based company specializing in Link building campaigning services.
  • Contextual Link Building: At Technext we always support contextual links, from our experience in SEO industry. We will provide you high quality, valued and great links which will help you in long term rankings based on the links’ reputation.
  • Custom Link Building: Technest also provides custom link building, which are a combination of sites and directories which are high in value. Through links, engines can not only analyze metrics like trust, spam, and authority, but also the popularity of websites and pages based on the number and popularity of pages linking to them.


    Technext provides the clients with simple eCommerce hosting plans, which makes it easier to sell products and services online.
  • Ecommerce hosting is an option offered by many Web hosting service providers offer eCommerce hosting facilities to its customers for greater visibility on the net and bigger profit earning. We at Technext also provide technical support , an email server or email support, Web space (Web server) to host your website, and other standard Web hosting features for businesses.
  • eCommerce Hosting is a standard process that describes a type of website hosting platform that is used to serve an electronic commerce website. There is a difference between Ecommerce hosting and standard Web hosting . A number of different features and functionalities are required to manage and run a commercial website. This includes shopping cart software, database support ,SSL, payment processing services, and additional ecommerce software and security initiatives. Ecommerce hosting is designed to basically provide entrepreneurs and businesses with all the tools and services required for them to set-up, conduct and manage an ecommerce business.

  • Windows HOSTING

    Technext Technosoft is a leading web hosting service provider and we offer you a complete Windows Hosting package that is perfect for any webmaster.
  • Windows hosting environment is the ability to host a wide range of applications. Windows hosting offers this kind of compatibility and, of course, complete support for the wide range of MS products available to web designers and programmers.We offer a range of windows web hosting services to meet everyone's needs, using the latest Microsoft technologies. We have what you need… if you just need shared Windows server web hosting for your single domain.

  • Linux HOSTING

    Technext Technosolutions is the best hosting company on the internet to host your small business or corporate website and personal website.
  • We provide cost effective website hosting plans that support the Python, PHP / MySQL database combination, phpMyAdmin with CGI, and lots of other features. Host your website with linux server using the new hosting control panel. We have low cost linux hosting plan to suit your needs . You can afford to be choosy, because we provide many Linux hosting options to choose from. We offer all the features and amenities that a great Linux host should offer : like, feature-rich hosting packages that make adding domains, managing your account, and creating websites a simple task. Money back and uptime guarantees, disk space, 24/7 technical support, unlimited bandwidth. Databases, Disk space, and E mail addresses are some of the salient features of Linux hosting.


    Technext provided shared hosting is quick, secure and reliable.
  • You need some disc space when you want to host a website on the web, which will be used for things like different databases,code files, and media. That's when a certain amount of disc space is required. The smaller your website is, the less importance this feature has. Now that you have hosted a website, you will want users to visit the website and access the data. This is where bandwidth is required. Uptime is the time when when users can access the site without any problems and your website works online. From the total expected uptime (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week)It is usually measured in percentages. Of course, it depends if your website’s presence time online. Normally, if your project is not too big and you purchase shared hosting, you don't really need 100% uptime. The level of 98% is common in such cases. Technext only uses the best servers for their clients’ website. If you are new to web hosting, support is extremely important. Support will be your hands, eyes, and everything else. That's why we provide extensive support no matter the kind of emergency or the time of the day.You can also access a full net store during a matter of minutes.

  • Domain Registration

    The process of registering a domain name is known as Domain registration. This is what identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember, and use in URLs to identify particular Web pages. Domain name registrant refers to the person or business, that registers the domain name. At technext, We offer Domain Name Registration as a part of full web services.We offer low cost domain registration with theft protection facility and high security. There are options of registering different types of domains like .org.in, .net, .com, .in, etc.