Software Services

Software Services

Technext Technosoft also has expertise in Software Development & Software Development related services in Durgapur. At Technext Technosoft we design and develop technology-driven robust, reliable, user-friendly, secure, scalable and easily maintainable software applications by fine understanding of your requirements and business needs. With the help of right technology - people mix and domain-centric approach, we ensure best desired output and maximum returns on investment irrespective of the size of project.

With a team of professional expertise we strive to provide best custom software solutions development that will help you remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology based business solutions.

Custom Software

Highly customized software solutions that support unique combination of platforms and applications .
  • Need a corporate website? Or web application development for your e-commerce ideas? Web development division of offers hi-end web design and development, professional web applications and e-commerce solutions development for your business. Best professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers; highly professional managers are always at your disposal on your development project
  • Our Custom Software Development Services leverage the technical expertise of our professionals who are empowered with latest technology software and tools, to offer customized applications of various flavours including business intelligence solutions, e-business solutions, custom application development and CRM solutions. With meticulously chalked out designs, our solutions can significantly save the annual budget of any organization by rationalizing the systems.

  • Software Maintenance

    Application Maintenance is a support service that ensures the stability of software applications and IT systems .
  • Technext Technosoft delivers software maintenance and support services that ensure that enterprise systems are up and running at optimum capacities and are totally defect free. Technext's application maintenance and support solutions range from optimizing system capabilities and adding enhancements to detecting and fixing errors and transitioning to newer platforms.
  • We follow a well-defined and scalable maintenance process to ensure that the focus is as much on preventive maintenance as on corrective support. Technext Technosoft has consistently promoted preventive maintenance best practices at our customer sites and to this end we strongly advocate to organizations

  • Software Enhancement

    Evolving technology necessitates the need for superior solutions, enhanced products, and improved features
  • Product companies need to keep pace with such dynamic changes offering new enhancements and features within a short time-frame to sustain their position in competitive markets and retain their customers.
  • Our dedicated product management team brings together decades of experience working on many enhancement projects addressing diverse needs. They keep themselves abreast of technology, while offering consulting on market demands, business dynamics and client needs. Also, practical researches enable them to advise the client on market predictions so they can incorporate features that are fairly advanced.

  • Offshore Development

    We providing offshore software development services for companies across the globe from the software outsourcing center in India
  • An offshore development center (ODC) is very crucial and helpful to clients. Indisputably, when you set up an Offshore Development Center in India with us, you receive varied benefits like high return on investment and highest quality of output. It also allows you to focus on your core competencies. Another reason for selecting us as an offshore software development center is large pool of English speaking technical people for efficient and flawless communication.
  • We help start-ups and small to mid size software companies to setup their offshore development center (ODC) to reduce their cost and increase ROI. By selecting us as an ODC, you can significantly reduce cost, as you do not have to incur expenses on infrastructure development, hiring employees or other cost involved in project development.

  • Outsourcing Development

    Outsource Software Product Engineering
  • Product development is more than engineering software, it involves redefining the market by having a true pulse of the market's needs. Our employs expert product managers, software architects and offshore product developers who are experts across software platforms including Microsoft.Net, ASP.Net, HTML5, Java and PHP, making Us a serious product development partner for those who are serious about building an IT driven business
  • we undertake every aspect of your product development project: from the software planning and architecture, the design and UI, integration and implementation, testing and quality assurance to training and deployment. Our sizable and talented offshore development team in India can assist your business in the development and enhancement of your software product on a turnkey basis.

  • Software Testing

    Our software testing process assesses and integrates all types of testing activities and empowers their swift progress toward the set goal accomplishment
  • With years of rich experience in testing and software test management services, our experts help client define test goals, select models, and plan the test activity within his budget and schedule. we also assists client engineering teams to rationalize test planning and models, design their requirements precisely, and generate data sets in consonance with their business-specific logic. Our experience and knowledge in software test management also allows to identify and reflect the best test scenario through customized test cases, wider risk projection and analysis, well-defined regression set goals, schedule planning, efficient project management, and sophisticated reporting plan.
  • Our innovative approach and customized software test management methodology aid in creating a test design reflecting all client requirements. With flexibility the core of our approach, we focus on timeliness, no hitch, quality, no bugs, and the best possible application performance. Our ability to use the latest Behavioral Modeling technique improves quality of testing while allowing the testing process to have the maximum possible coverage. Our project managers and testing professionals believe in an actionable approach that promises assured robustness and functional consistency of the application as well as satisfying end user experience.

  • Embedded Testing

    We develop, verify and provide testing services for your embedded engineering systems, devices and software
  • Embedded systems has become very significant with the advent of sophisticated technologies in the fields of telecommunication, media and entertainment, automobile, aviation, consumer electronics, healthcare, among others. Companies are striving hard to keep pace with technology advancements and meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers. Embedded systems are tightly constrained with performance and costs. To come up with perfect solutions, companies need to master upcoming technologies and enforce software reuse.
  • Testing identifies gaps between the actual and desired status of your embedded systems. By automating test processes, you greatly speed up time-to-market and quickly transform your products into services.We provide testing services for your embedded engineering systems, devices and software to ensure your products and systems deliver the functionality, user experience and compliance you need. We cover your complete system architecture.