SaaS / Cloud Computing

SaaS / Cloud Computing

Due to changing software licensing models, software vendors face rising competitive pressure to grow their core businesses. Shorter product cycle times are forcing them to rush into new product introductions, and focus on expanding their market share. The economics are also forcing them to align their valuable resources to critical tasks while attempting to reduce back-office costs. Similarly, SMEs and subsidiaries/divisions of larger companies find it increasingly time consuming and costly to develop, implement and support systems, maintain an IT infrastructure, find and retain scarce technical resources and control IT expenditures.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is the answer to these challenges. As an alternative to buying software and paying for periodic upgrades, paying for and maintaining technical resources and infrastructure, SaaS may provide a better alternative for many existing and future solutions. These include applications such as new product development, marketing, sales, customer service, portals, content management and collaboration being made available on a usage or time-basis via the Web. Since SaaS is subscription-based, upgrades are routinely provided during the term of the subscription and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are always defined and followed to ensure the proper level of services and support.

We offer cost-effective, enterprise-ready SaaS and Cloud Computing solutions that gives you competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and deployment.
  • We deliver feature-rich services to our clients through our SaaS application model
  • Our virtualized private Clouds will provide you a secure environment with required applications to accelerate business productivity and reduce downtimes
  • Our Cloud solutions will offer you maximum reliability and sustainability

Subscribing to SaaS offers our clients the following benefits:

  • Core Business - SaaS allows management to focus on core business rather than IT and allows clients to allocate their budget to customer and revenue producing activities
  • Cost Reduction - A recent study found the total cost of operating an on-demand software package is 50% less than implementing and managing an on-premise solution and results in more predictable ongoing costs
  • Shorter Implementation Time - Clients using SaaS can see results in weeks as opposed to months, since the software, hardware and network infrastructure are already in place and working via the Web
  • Enhancements - SaaS offers subscribers incremental and on-going business application enhancements and releases