Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry Application Development

Our Blackberry Programming Developers who wish to maintain seamless portability in their wireless applications. In addition, the BlackBerry JDE provides a full suite of interfaces and utilities to take advantage of some of the unique features of the BlackBerry Smartphone.

Technext has a skilled team to develop BlackBerry applications. Our team has expertise in Blackberry Application Development, Blackberry software development, Blackberry Programming. We can even create third party Blackberry applications for the radical tool. has capabilities to build enormous category of application on Blackberry.

With Blackberry based applications delivered by seasoned team, your business will run smoothly and reliably, even if you and your employees are on the go.
  • We offer rich, innovative, and flexible BlackBerry mobile application solutions to clients
  • Our industry experience and knowledge allow us to build out-of-the-box, cost-effective applications to enhance connectivity and render rich, multimedia user experience
  • Highly scalable, sport rich functionalities and have built-in security features to deliver value to users
  • Be it for the enterprise, consumer or gaming market, our BlackBerry applications stand out for their creativity and rich usability

Blackberry Application Development Skill Sets

  • Audio / Video capabilities using Graphics and Multimedia
  • Development services with integrating APIs
  • Developing applications involving social networking
  • Tracking device locations using GPS
  • Google Map integration.
  • Detecting Bluetooth connections and file Management.
  • Developing applications using a persistent Storage medium (SQLite DB).
  • Memory Management & performance oriented applications